Pros using babolat pure drive

Found an excellent list of tennis racquets used by ATP pros at tennisthis but I would just like to add that a quite large percentage is not using the actual model found in the store, but a paint job of it with an older or different model underneath. Pros using babolat pure drive. Yulia Putintseva – Babolat Pure Drive Zheng Jie – Yonex VCORE 100 This list of which tennis racquets do the WTA pros use will be updated when the ladies of the WTA change their equipment or when they change sponsorship. Home » TI magazine » Frames » What the Top Pros are Using. What the Top Pros are Using.

Yūichi Sugita – Babolat Pure Drive I will updated this list of which tennis racquets do the ATP pros use on tour whenever the tennis racquets change or sponsorship change. Argentina Brazil United States. What are the top 20 men and women pros using on court? Using the Babolat Pure Drive with the Babolat Play One unique thing about this racquet is that it’ s compatible with the famous Babolat Play system. Keep in mind that this list of which tennis racquets do the ATP pros use is simply a guide of the tennis racquets they are endorsing.

We contacted manufacturers and scoured various websites ( including manufacturer and player sites) to give you the racquets, shoes and clothes the top players are using. Babolat CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY. If you haven’ t heard about it, the Babolat Play is a sensor that is built into the handle of the racket to give you information and tips on how to improve your game.