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If you look at the top they now use Twitter to let you know when they post new jobs. Jul 30, · Find jobs for Drinking Driving Monitor II. Follow Add a Review. Dec 07, · Selection standards for drinking driver monitor training are listed in detail in the Code of Maryland Regulations Title 12, Subtitle 10, Chapter 01 and include the following: U.

The examination are placed on an eligible register and may be called to continue with the hiring process as Baltimore parole and probation agent jobs arise. I have an exam coming up for this position and was wondering what to expect. " Various characteristics associated with drunk drivers were found more often in one gender than another. Reviews > Drinking Driving Monitor II > Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional.

Hi, Does anyone know of someone who works as a drinking driver monitor for the state of MD? Citizen or Resident Alien status Must be at least 21 years of age A completed background investigation Oral interview Physical examination. Dundalk Field/ DDMP ( Drinking Driver Monitor Program) Office;. They tended to start drinking heavily earlier in life and " exhibited more premorbid risk factors, had a more severe substance abuse and psychosocial impairment. MD Drinking Driver Monitor I, 01: 55 PM.

Training for Parole and Probation Agents in Baltimore. 7 Benefits- - Photos. Drinking driver monitor jobs. Or if that' s not an option you can.

Drinking driver monitors are responsible for monitoring offenders, conducting breathalyzer tests of offenders, interacting with other criminal justice agencies in the community, confirming offender attendance at treatment or self- help meetings, verifying employment, collecting supervision fees and restitution and enforcing any other court. View All num of num Close ( Esc) Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.