Polara golf advantage driver

All of the Polara golf balls and clubs are designed for use by recreational golfers who want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help them score lower and enjoy the game more. 00 SAVE 75% off ( Regularly $ 299) Polara Golf Advantage Drivers have been shown to boost distance by up to 40 yards, because they’ re made with thinner titanium, greater loft angles, and a larger head.

Get a new Advantage Driver for just $ 75. Tour Edge Women Hot Launch HL3 Offset Driver 460cc $ 89. Polara golf advantage driver. Polara Extra Distance XD Golf Balls. So, if you are not concerned about playing a club that is slightly above the USGA standards, then we think you might want to give the Polara Advantage Driver a try. Backed by guarantee, this translates to greater accuracy and more distance. Polara Golf’ s mission is, “ To make the game of golf more fun”. Polara also makes golf balls that are self- correcting. For more information about Polara Golf, visit www. Polara Golf 12 Degree Advantage Driver, Men' s RH 46" $ 149. Make your golf game enjoyable again.
You might even be able to gain more of a distance advantage than we did. Golf balls that will reduce slices and hooks plus improve distance. Polara golf balls are for recreational golfers.

On the other hand though with a logo covering custom clubcrown decal they’ d be none the wiser. Look at the savings! The only thing holding me back from giving the Advantage the coveted driver spot in my golf bag comes down to pride, I don’ t want my buddies to bitch that the only reason I’ m kicking their butts is my club.