Dvd drive not reading discs

If your CD/ DVD drive is not detected, showing, reading, working, or will not read/ write media on Windows PC, then see this. The PS4 ™ does not play burned discs or audio CDs ( retail or burned). Here is the way of use troubleshooting to fix DVD drive not read discs. Try inserting another game, Blu- Ray disc, or DVD. I have Sony VAIO laptop with DVD writer. Help, DVD Drive won' t recognize a disc is inserted I thought maybe the dvd was bad, so I tossed it, inserted another one and the drive didn' t recognize that there was a dvd in there.
The instructions will help you resolve the problem in some instances if the drive has not failed completely. In a word, if you come across the problem that DVD cannot read discs for Windows 10, you can refer to the solutions above. Yes - This means the drive is working. CD- RW in CD- R or CD- ROM drive - Some CD- R drives are incapable of reading CD- RW drives. In the past couple of months it has gone from sometimes reading a disc to not reading any disc I. Use a type of disc that is not being recognized in the drive.

I tried with CDs, and previously burnt dvds that were fine. DVD' s, sorry, and where the problem is. CD/ DVD drive not reading any discs. I tried it before. I hear it spinning so I doubt there' s any problem with the CD/ DVD Drive itself.

The DVD drive not working issues really embarrass you, especially when you want to watch a movie. For the past 20 days i am having this new problem. Do not use music discs. The top drive is DVD RW. You will need DVD/ Blu- ray playback/ burning software to resolve your issue. So I cannot install any of my software.

Windows 10 doesn’ t recognize DVD or can' t find DVD/ CD drive? Check in your resource manager and see if the optical drive icon appears. The problem didn' t get solved using Microsoft Fix it tool. Device in video : HP Probook 4540s if it is not solved leave a comment maybe I can help if it worked please like and subscribe : ). CD/ DVD Drive not reading discs Since upgrading to Windows 10 my PC has been unable to read any CD/ DVD disc I put in.
I have had this laptop for several years but recently the cd/ dvd drive has stopped reading discs. When you load a disc into the CD/ DVD drive, the disc does not run or play. Could someone please help me? How to Fix HP CD/ DVD Drive Not Working, Reading or Responding to Disks A customer recently had a problem with the CD/ DVD drive in their HP computer which had essentially just stopped reading disks. I really need to get these to work so I can back up files and save files on a disc. I could not reading any of the discs I inserted.
› System not recognizing my CD/ DVD Drives! Dvd drive not reading discs. You can try replacing the drive and see if a new CD- ROM drive resolves the issue. I have used disc mounting software in the past. Dvd drive not reading discs.

If not, restart your computer and look again. HP PCs - CD/ DVD Drive Cannot Read Discs ( Windows 10, 8) This document is for HP and Compaq computers with a CD/ DVD disc drive and Windows 10 or Windows 8. Access Safe Mode and select option 5 [ Rebuild Database].

DVD recordable discs - If you have a recordable DVD that cannot be read, make sure. Bad CD- ROM drive. My windows 10 is not playing or reading my F drive cd' s and dvd' s. One of the most annoying of the many annoying types of errors on Windows computers is when you computer won' t recognize parts that have always been a part of it, like the drives or keyboard. The discs it is reading out of the lot that it was and was not reading were actually the CD- R type, and the discs it wont read are the DVD ones. You can call Lenovo services or check out our CD drive replacement guide!

Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs. The drawer would open fine and the disk drive was visible as an option in My Computer but the system simply wouldn’ t read or detect the disks. It also freezes in the middle of playing certain discs but plays others all the way through with no problem. Fix CD or DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10: If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 then you may face this issue where your CD or DVD cannot read the disk and you may need to repair or replace your DVD drive. I am not sure if any of these solutions apply for my situation – my DVD/ CD drive is in perfect condition, however if I put a DVD in it ( I experience this with only a few discs), it will show me the storage space on the DVD, but if I open the DVD’ s file directory, I see nothing except a message saying “ Drag folders or files here to add.
I was really not looking forward to have to buy a replacement DVD drive as suggested by many on this forum. If i click the DVD drive symbol, it says insert disc like there is no disc inside the CPU but there is. The bottom drive is DVD ROM.

Hi and thanks for your help, I' ve tried various things, googling things, I am a beginner in computer tech literacy. Insert a disc that contains files into the drive that is having the problem. When i insert DVD, it is trying to read that DVD and it is on the same.

Since upgrading my SATA DVD/ CD RW will not work. Note: Windows 10 Does Not include DVD/ Blu- ray playback software by default, so you need the Cyberlink software ( the disc that came with your drive) or something comparable. It will play an audio CD. That is troubleshooting which is a tool accompanying with Windows 10, so it may be very fast to troubleshoot the DVD drive problem. As long as the drive is still connected, the steps in this video should allow you to fix the problem and continue using your drive. Ill look into it. If it’ s still not there, your problem is with your hardware. On the Device Manager Window, select DVD/ CD- ROM Drives and send me the exact model of the DVD Drive along with your Dell System Model ( Please do not provide the system service tag) Once I have the System and DVD Drive Model, I will send you the link to update the DVD Drive firmware as it may resolve the issue with the hardware functionality.

DVD player reads some discs but stop reading and playing others My Samsung DVD player makes loud noises while playing certain discs bit runs smoothly with others. Dvd drive not reading discs. Dvd drive not reading discs. Good discs to use are game or software discs that were purchased from a store. Recently, i am having this new problem. First, you have to make sure your computer recognizes your optical drive.
I looked in some posts which pointed to the lazer for the DVD being the problem. I had an issue with my drive not reading discs, although it didn' t even get as far as you it would just try to read them twice and then spit them back out. How to test a computer CD- ROM or DVD drive for failures.

It does not matter if it is a blank disc or one with something on it. If you are using a CD- RW disc, verify the CD- ROM or CD- R drive is capable of reading the disc. If Xbox One is not reading Disc or if the disc is not spinning and nothing happens when you insert the game disc or Blue Ray Movie, then here are some fixes that may help you. Not only does this apply to computers, but also home entertainment DVD players. It isn' t showing on Finder, is unable to read or recognize any discs on your computer. It has all been uninstalled now but I' m unsure if whether or not that could. Use the troubleshooting instructions below if your CD, DVD or Blu- ray drive is not able to read any discs or unable to recognize any discs. Fix: DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files.
To access Safe Mode: Turn off the PlayStation ® 4 by pressing the power button on the front panel. If all the above steps have been tried and you' re still encountering errors with reading discs in the CD- ROM drive, it' s possible that the drive is bad. And today in this article we will be taking you through all of the possible fixes for this issue and how can fix CD or DVD Drive not reading discs in Windows 10. I just experienced the same problem with the optiarch DVD RW AD- 7640S ( installed on my Gateway UC7807U).
You will be informed of an. I' ve also seen issues were if the drive cable or connector is lose it creates random strange. From past few days my DVD ROM is not reading DVDs, but it is detecting all CDs. This article describes a problem with CD or DVD drives not work, or is missing, or not recognized after installing or uninstalling programs. Windows 10: CD/ DVD Drive not reading discs. For instance, you may unfortunately loss or miss the DVD drive after Windows 10 upgrade.

If i click the DVD drive symbol, it says insert disc like there is no disc. The drive name is HL- DT- ST DVDRAM GH24NS95 ATA. I insert a disk the light come on showing it is reading and than the drive opens and the pop up box appears stating " Insert Disk". CD/ DVD Drive isn' t working properly on Toshiba laptop › CD / DVD Drive Not Showing in My Computer AND Drivers Gone › cd/ dvd rw doesn' t read cd or dvd › CD/ DVD Drive is not seen in any OS ( but can run livecd' s) › CD/ DVD drive wont open anymore › Installed a new CD/ DVD drive | Help! If the DVD drive can read CDs but not DVDs, insert a DVD movie. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before turning off.

It will not recognize or play any type of disc. Discus and support CD/ DVD Drive not reading discs in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; [ img] Yep it' s there. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. I have read that a lot of. I just bought a new drive casing/ laser from VCG Repairs for 45 bucks and it fixed the issue. Many Windows 10 users have experienced issues while using the CD or DVD drives in their computer where the CDs and DVDs are not working.